Videos: Oct 29th, 2022

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Jai Shri Krishna
Jai Shri Swaminarayan
Jai Shri Ramachandra
OM Namah Shivayah
Jai Hanuman Dada
Shri Ganeshay Namah

Shri Swaminarayan
Lord Shri Swaminarayan
Dr. Chaturbhai J. Babaria MD, M.Sc (Agri)
Dr. Chaturbhai J. Babaria MD, M.Sc (Agri)

Happy Nutan Varshabhinandan to all Devotees! This Saturday’s Satsang will be held on the occasions of Vikram Samvat new year 2079, Labh Pancham, and devotee Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel‘s Janma Jayanti.

Life sponsored:

Shrimati Rupalben & Dr. Chaturbhai Jerambhai Babaria & family:

In memory of our parents AN Maniben (Nagajibhai) & AN Jerambhai Karamashibhai Babaria, and the occasions of Harikrishna’s & Ghanshayam’s birthdays

Our entire family: Harikrishna, Krishna, Dr. Arati, Dr. Shaunak & Dr. Radhika

Our brothers: Shri Sarva, Shri Manubhai & Samjuben, Dhirubhai & Jayaben, Dalpatbhai & Manjulaben, AN Vijayabhai, Ashwinbhai & Bharatiben & family

Our sisters: Champaben B. Asodaria, Savitaben G. Kathiria, Manjuben D. Gajera, Mukataben K. Vanparia, Liliben Z. Sakaria, Kamuben D. Ramolia, Vimalaben A. Lakhani & family

Annual sponsored:

Shrimati Harshaben & Jigneshbhai D. Domadia & family:

In memory of their grandparents AN Maniben & Mavjibhai G. Domadia

OM, Meera, Shria & Shrimati Hemlataben & Dhirubhai Domadia

Shrimati Nimaben & Nishadbhai A. Patel & family: Veer & Viva

Shrimati & Ashokbhai Patel

Mrs. Fawn & Dr. Shanta Kumar:

In memory of their parents Mrs. Palani & Shri Muthu Kumar: Hastak Valli & Palani

COVID-19 precautions to be followed

Cooked prasad will be served.

Time: 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM

RSVP by 5:00 PM Thursday, October 27th, 2022

All volunteer ladies interested in prasad preparation for Maharaj, please contact Rupalben for further information.

Satsang: Oct 29th, 2022
Aaj Kaliyug ma Paracha Pure Prabhuji: Oct 29th, 2022
Aaj Kaliyug ma Paracha Pure Prabhuji
Aaj Kaliyug ma Paracha Pure Prabhuji

Aaj Kaliyug ma Paracha Pure Prabhuji

Maharaj still protects his true devotees even though almost two hundred years have passed since He returned to Akshardham. One such devotee was named Jhaverbai. She had become blind in one of her eyes after developing a cataract and needed an operation to save it. Jhaverbai was a pativrata or “chaste wife,” so she would not allow a man other than her husband to touch her. Because the only doctors available were men, she prayed to Maharaj for help while doing pradakshina in the Jamnagar Swaminarayan temple.

Shriji Maharaj came in the form of a Vanita (graceful lady) and said, “Ben, what is wrong with you?” Jhaverbai explained the problems with her eye. The woman said, “We have come from the outskirts for a pilgrimage. I have some herbal drops that will cure it. Take them and put them into your eye.” Jhaverbai then recalled that in the Shikshapatri, Shriji Maharaj ordered us not to take any medicine from an unknown physician or doctor. However, the woman said, “We are also satsangis. We know your family very well.” Then the woman named all her family members, and Jhaverbai believed her. The woman put the drops into her eye, and a few minutes later, her pain disappeared, proving that Maharaj protects His faithful devotees who keep their vows.

This lady was born and brought up in the city of Bhuj in the Kutch District of Gujarat, India, and was married to a devotee living in Jamnagar City in Gujarat. Her name was Jhaverbai. I met her & her family in the Gurukul there in 1971. The poet Mavadan wrote this kirtan, and I have seen him many times in that Gurukul as well.

Dr. Chaturbhai J. Babaria

Mohanne Gamavane Isho Manani: Oct 29th, 2022

Mohanne Gamavane Isho Manani

(written by Sadguru Muktananda Swami)

After Swami Muktananda was initiated as a Sadhu, his sister came to visit him, trying to bring him back into Saṃsāra (the world of rebirth into existence within the material world). Maharaj said to Muktananda swami, “Your sister is here. Go and visit with her.” Swami Muktananda said, “I will not see her. I have made a vow not to keep any relationships with relatives.” Then Maharaj advised him to give her some spiritual knowledge for her good.

Swami Muktananda sent these lyrics to his sister. The meaning of this Kirtan is, if you would like to be loved by God (Mohan), you must give up all of your mind’s false desires, keep your vow of chastity, and remain at lotus feet of Shri Hari.

“My sister, I would like to let you know that your true happiness will always come from your attachment to devotees. Give up mad (arrogance), matsar (jealousy), and all of the bad habits of family life. Happiness only comes from God. The mind is the cause of all unhappiness. Worship the God of Muktananda with a very determined mind, and always thoughtfully speak words of elixir.

Dr. Chaturbhai J. Babaria

Satsang Extras: Oct 29th, 2022

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