Two Very Special Kirtans

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Shri Swaminarayan
Lord Shri Swaminarayan

A great devotee of Lord Swaminarayan and close friend of Dr. Babaria Anantbhai Malavia contacted him tonight as he was eager to hear him sing a kirtan that was very dear to him because he admires his melodious voice and his devotional style of singing. He did not realize that Dr. Babaria was recovering from his recent surgical procedure last Friday or the extent of his recent health problems. He urged him not to bother when he discovered this, however, Dr. Babaria recorded this Kirtan for him regardless.

He was so happy that he prayed for his health to recover and promised to do Janmangal for him. Then he sang a kirtan for him with all of his heart. Dr. Babaria describes Mr. Malavia as a very sincere devotee of His holiness Shastriji Maharaj. Attached is a short video with each of their kirtans. May we all benefit from their courage, love, and devotion to our Lord Swaminarayan, and pray for Dr. Babaria’s quick recovery and good health.

Jai Swaminarayan

Two Very Special Kirtans

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