Shree Laxminarayandasji Swami

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Shree Laxminarayandasji Swami

Shree Laxminarayandasji Swami, co-editor of ‘Sadvidya’, provided his services in the publication department of Rajkot Swaminarayan Gurukul for many years. He was an author blessed by Gurudev Shastriji Maharaj himself. Under his guidance, the volunteers working in the publication department of our Gurukul produced such publications as the “Divine Life of Jogi Swami”.

May Lord Swaminarayan bless his great Soul. He was a real sadhu of his holiness Shastriji Maharaj. He reminds us of Brahmanand Swami. The great memories of his services will remain with our Gurukul & Sampradaya always.

Antim Darshan | P. Shri Laxminarayandasji Swami – લક્ષ્મીનારાયણ દાસજી સ્વામી
Dr. Chaturbhai J. Babaria MD, M.Sc (Agri)
P. Swami talking to Krishna chars father

Swami Hydrabad was on the phone for one minute asking to come to Hyderabad for Suvarna Jayanti of Gurukul. He told him now I am going to Akashardham soon so I don’t think I will be able to come. He spoke to P. Swamiji at night and on the morning of Sept 05, 2022, he left for Akshardham. How divine an incidence. P. Nishkulananad Swami mentions in Yamdanad how a divine person leaves his body for Akshardham and a real devotee of God knows in advance.

Home Padharamani with Devotee Jigneshbhai Domadia and OM
Divine memories of P. Swamiji with his holiness Shastriji Maharaj
Padharamani at devotee Chandravadanbhai Patel’s home with his son Suarbh and his grandson Ansh
Divine memories of Shree Laxminarayandasji Swami
Divine memories of Shree Laxminarayandasji Swami

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