Videos: Nov 14th, 2021

Satsang & Annkoot Mahotadav

In the presence of…

Pujay Swami Shri Krishnaswarup Dasji & Shastri Shri Mukundswarup Dasji

Satsang Sponsors:

Life sponsored:

Shrimati Rupalben & Dr Chaturbhai Jerambhai Babaria & family:

In memory of our parents AN Maniben & AN Jerambhai Karamashibhai Babaria

Occasion of the birthday of Ghanashyam Dhirubhai & Harikrishna Chaturbhai Babaria

Our entire family:
Harikrishna, Krishna, Dr Arati, Dr Shaunak & Dr Radhika

Our brothers: Shri Sarva, Shri Manubhai & Samjuben, Dhirubhai & Jayaben, Dalpatbhai & Manjulaben, AN Vijayabhai, Ashwinbhai & Bharatiben & family

Our sisters: Champaben B. Asodaria, Savitaben G. Kathiria, Manjuben D. Gajera, Mukataben K. Vanparia, Liliben Z. Sakaria, Kamuben D. Ramolia, Vimalaben A. Lakhani & family

Annual sponsored:

Shrimati Harshaben & Jigneshbhai D. Domadia & family:

In memory of their grandparents AN Maniben & Mavjibhai G. Domadia

OM, Meera, Shria & Shrimati Hemlataben & Dhirubhai

Shrimati Nimaben & Nishadbhai A. Patel & family: Veer & Viva

Mrs. & Dr. Shanta Kumar, their two daughters, and family

This Occasion Sponsored By:

Shrimati Jaishreeben & Devendrabhai J. Patel and family: Hastak Ankeet Patel

Soham Rahulbhai Bhatt: Hastak Harshaben & Rahulbhai Bhatt Nirali & Shivani & Dr Chinmay

Suganaben & Jigneshbhai Trivedi: Hastak Hari & Mishari

Nimishaben & Maheshbhai Lakshmanbhai Babaria: Hastak Yas & Kantaben

Ankoot Seva:

Hemaben & Nareshbhai Vasoya & Family

Please RSVP by Thursday Nov 11 2021 by 5.00 PM

Annakoot will be held on Nov 14th, 2021 on Sunday 4.00 PM to 6.30 PM. Anyone who would like to make a dedication of Prasadam or sponsor this auspicious occasion can contact us through the button below. Please bring dry Prasadam by 2.00 PM on Sunday (please click the button below to let us know what you are bringing so everyone knows what item they have to make). This dedication of Prasadam to our Lord is for the fulfillment of one’s good desires. Any devotee who would like to sponsor this auspicious occasion can contact us using the button below as well.

Cases of the Covid 19 Delta variant are increasing in both children and adults. Please strictly follow all precautions for the safety of all. Do not attend Satsang if you feel sick. Do not bring your children for their safety. No cooked Prasad will be served.

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