International Swaminarayan Spiritual Center/Gurukul Santo Domingo

Established Jan 27th, 1983


Shastri Shri Mukundswarupdasji
Shri Shantipriyadasji
Shri Dhirubhai Babaria
Shri Jigneshbhai Domadia

Dominican Devotees:

Ghanshayam Bhagat (Enriqe Guzman)
Suresh Bhagat (Jorge Solano)
Harikrishna Bhagat
Yogesh Bhagat (Don Jose Reynoso)
Paresh Bhagat (Freddy)
Dharma Bhagat (Jauquin Altagracia)
and other devotees

Enrique Guzman (Ghanshayam Bhagat) speaking about how the International Swaminaryan Spiritual Center/Gurukul Santo Domingo was established.

Shri Mukundswarup Dasji & Shri Jignesh Domadia performing Abhishek at the exact ocean location in the Dominican Republic where his holiness Shastriji Maharaj performed Abhishek in presence of Dominican & Indian devotees including Sarva Shri Dr Chaturbhai J. Babaria, Dhirubhai J. Babaria, Manubhai H Patolia, Chaturbhai N. Vaghasia and many others on August 17th, 1986.

Published by Ananda Bhagat

Devotee of Lord Swaminarayan

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