Videos: Sept 4th, 2021

10th Tithi of His holiness Jogi Swami Hariprakashdasji

& 7th Punya Tithi of Pujay Kothari Swami Harijivandasji


Life Sponsored:

On the occasion of 47th Punya Tithi of our brother Vijaykumar Jerambhai Babaria:

Shrimati Rupalben & Dr Chaturbhai Jerambhai Babaria & families:

Harikrishna, Krishna, Dr Arati, Dr Shaunak & Dr Radhika and our Brothers: Shri Sarva, Shri Manubhai, Dhirubhai, Dalpatbhai, Ashwinbhai & families as well our sisters & families!

Annual Sponsored:

Shrimati Harshaben & Jigneshbhai D Domadia & families:

OM, Meera, Shria & Hemlataben & Dhirubhai
Shrimati Nimaben & Nishadbhai A Patel & families:

Veer & Viva

Please RSVP by Thursday Sept 2nd, 2021. Cases of the Covid 19 Delta variant are increasing in both children and adults. Please strictly follow all precautions for the safety of all. Do not attend Satsang if you feel sick. Do not bring your children for their safety. No cooked Prasad will be served.

P Jogi Swami at Dhirubhai Jerambhai Babaria’s home on August 2000

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