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From: “Divine Life of Jogi Swami”
Author: Swami Madhavpriyadas
Translator: Prof. R. B. Ganatra – Rajkot
Publisher: Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul
Vishwavidya Pratishthanam
(SGVP), Ahmadabad.

Free on the Internet Archive: https://archive.org/details/DivineLifeOfJogiSwami/mode/2up

pp. 313-314 “Unique Bridge of Faith”

June 8th, 2000:

Yesterday Swami remembered the devotees of Latin America and today Virji Bhagat, a Spanish worshipper came from Latin America for the ‘Darshan’ of Swami. The former students of Gurukul, Chaturbhai Babariya, and Pravinbhai Pithadiya have spread ‘Satsang’ in Latin America. Almost everybody knows this. Virji Bhagat had an intense desire to have the ‘Darshan’ of Jogi Swami. He went to Buffalo to see Chaturbhai. Chaturbhai brought him to New Jersey. Virji Bhagat was wearing a white ‘Dhoti’ and yellow Shawl.

Jogi Swami was performing ‘Pooja’. Virji Bhagat came there and prostrated before him. Swami became very glad to see this foreigner devotee. While doing the ‘Darshan’ of Jogi Swami, Virji Bhagat’s eyes were shedding tears of joy. He sat near Swami and started doing ‘Dhoon’. Swami became very glad and he also started doing ‘Dhoon’ with Virji Bhagat.

Swami does not know Spanish and Virji Bhagat does not know Gujarati. Neither Jogi Swami nor Virji Bhagat knew each other’s language but the frequencies of their hearts completely matched. A bridge of understanding and faith joined their two hearts.

‘Dhoon’ was continued for quite some time. There was no need for any preaching or lecture. The essence of all the scriptures was being produced by the ‘Dhoon’ of the Swaminarayan Maha-Mantra and all were ‘drinking’ that nectar. The sound of the Swaminarayan Maha-Mantra was resounding in every pore of Virji Bhagat. Swami’s gaze towards Virji Bhagat was filled with divine grace, and thus Virji Bhagat became initiated through the graceful gaze of Jogi Swami and learned everything worth learning.

A question may arise in our minds as to why none of the other devotees that had come for the ‘Darshan’ of Jogi Swami could feel reverence as this Spanish devotee of Swami. The only answer is that the surface of a mirror must be clean to get a clear image. The heart, in which pure love, devotion, and faith exist, can reflect the image of the grace of Shree Hari and His great saints.

Swami blessed this Spanish devotee with ‘Prasad’ of fruits and sugar crystals.

The devotees of Latin America do not know the Gujarati language, yet they are faithfully following the tenets of ‘Satsang’.

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